Game server hosting

Our game servers run on performance hardware to offer a stable and satisfying experience. Would you like to host a server for a game which is not listed below? contact our support for an offer!

PC / Console

Starting at €0,75 monthly

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Starting at € monthly


Starting at € monthly


Starting at € monthly


Starting at € monthly

Dedicated IP

Need a fully dedicated IP for your game server? we got you covered for a price of €2,25 Euro a month it is possible to rent a fully dedicated IP address.

Enterprise hardware

We only utilise performance enterprise server hardware to provide a reliable infrastructure for the best gaming experience!

Fast storage

Fast SSD drives ensure fast word loading and lag-free gameplay. No spinning rust.

Powerful panel

Maintaining our own control panel, we provide our clients a useful but simple to use administration panel, to manage their servers.

Experienced support

We have experienced support staff from allover the globe who are able to help you out with the problems you stumble upon. No matter which time it is.

Low latency

Multiple locations and your server connected to premium bandwith carriers. Connected with atleast a 1Gbps link thus keeping the latency at its lowest.

Valued customers

At Fryxel we don't have plans like "Budget" or "Premium", since we value each customer equally and serve the same quality, performance and support. We also don't limit the player slots or the use of a MySQL database.

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