Discord hosting packages

We offer Discord hosting at every budget on our performance servers.
Minimum runtime of the contract is 3 months


Per month
  •    1 vCore
  •    128MB RAM
  •    Unlimited SSD storage*
  •    1 Databases
  •    3 Snapshots
  •    1Gbps
Best selling


Per month
  •    1 vCore
  •    256MB RAM
  •    Unlimited SSD storage*
  •    1 Databases
  •    3 Snapshots
  •    1Gbps


Per month
  •    2 vCores
  •    512MB RAM
  •    Unlimited SSD storage*
  •    2 Databases
  •    3 Snapshots
  •    1Gbps

* On our unlimited features we apply a fair use policy (FUP).
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All a bot needs

With using our bot service we guarantee a high performance environment for your bot, using only SSD drives combined with a modern enterprise CPU and equipped with a 1Gbps connection. This will result in an optimal performing bot!


Created your Discord server but experiencing high latencies due to the server region? With only one support ticket it is possible to move your bot to any of our other locations! We always have a location which is most suitable for you.



We support most major programming languages a Discord bot could be made in! For example a Discord bot in Javascript, Python or even Java we can run it. You don't have to place a new order to change the bot to a different programming language, only change the startup command and you are good to go! If your bot is not supported don't be afraid we will do our best to solve it!

More features

Unlimited SSD storage*

FTP access


Package stats

MySQL database

Automatic backups

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