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Who are we?

We’re Fryxel a brand new hosting company which offers quality services for normal pricing. Our focus and priority are on our customers which we want to guarantee the best equipment, support and scalability at a price which fits the budget. Learn more about us.

Outstanding quality

Using powerful enterprise hardware, experienced support staff and a reliable backup system, paired with a high service uptime. In short, for high quality you are at the right place with us. Learn more.

Not convinced yet?

Take a look what our clients say on our Trustpilot page!


We offer a wide variety of services, starting at low prices for starters but also more expensive packages for businesses which have higher requirements. In need for a custom quote? feel free to contact us!

Supports projects

We always like to support out amazing projects with the stable infrastructure of Fryxel.

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Why choose us?

Reliable hardware

At Fryxel we use performance enterprise grade hardware to provide a reliable service for our customers.

Completely redundant

Full hardware and network redundancy to keep your services online.

Automatic backups

We frequently run automatic backups and store these on a geographical different location. This is in case of data loss, we are able to restore your service with the most recent backup.

Powerful panel

Fryxel maintains a custom panel to provide the best tools possible to manage your services!

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Services we offer

  • Web hosting

    We offer web hosting at every budget on our performance servers.

    Learn more
  • Game hosting

    We also provide performance game hosting, so you only have to focus on the game and we do the rest. Supporting all major known multiplayer games and still adding more!

    Learn more
  • Machine solutions

    Do you want to resell affordable hosting or deploy a project? we got you covered! with multiple plans in dedicated or virtual machines.

    Learn more
  • Storage boxes

    Running out of disk space? or need a place to save files? take a look at our robust storage boxes!

    Learn more
  • Discord Bot hosting

    We got a perfect environment to run Discord bots from small to even big ones.

    Learn more
  • Database solutions

    A variety of database solutions served from our high performance hosting environment.

    Learn more
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